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Group: iv - Seminar Details

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

Can I help you with something at the event ?

We receive many offers for help, and it is greatly appreciated. There is a long established process in place where anyone can apply to help as a Teaching assistant during the seminars, and of course we are always looking for more help where we can utilise specific skills. If you are interested in helping us…
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Who are the organisers

The Country Event Co-Ordinators for Russia are listed on this website – they are Craig and Natalia.

Where are the seminars being held ?

We have an amazing location for the seminars this year which is a 4 star hotel (although the quality is that of a 5 star hotel). It is located close to the 3rd ring road of central Moscow, and we will publish details of the hotel after the 14th of August both here on this…
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Which seminars will be run in Moscow

The details of which seminars, the dates, the prices and other relevant information is listed on this website and also on The Seminar Group for Moscow on

Is Vianna coming to Russia

We would not promote Vianna in Russia if she were not coming to Russia. Yes – she is coming to Russia.