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Group: i - Payment Options

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

When is the last date I can make a payment ?

We will not stop you from making payments up until the day before the seminar starts, however there are good reasons why we encourage you to pay early! If you make a late payment – we might not have manuals for your seminar available on the first day. If you make a late payment –…
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Why can’t I pay you as the hosts and then you pay THInK ?

There are several reasons why we can not collect your payment and then pay that to THInK. If you think about it logically : If we take a payment from you then we pay tax on that payment Then when we send the money to THInK, we will pay a service fee to the bank…
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Why can’t I pay in cash ?

There are several reasons why THInK can not take cash payments for the THInK Seminar Fee. The main reason is that it is illegal for them to do so.

What is not covered in these payments ?

Remember we are not a hotel nor are we a travel agency. So that means you are responsible for paying for: your own flights / travel costs (this includes travel to and from the seminar, and also local travel in Moscow during your stay) your own meals, drinks and snacks etc. excursions you might want…
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What is covered in these payments ?

The full explanation of what is included in these payments is listed on the terms and conditions you will be sent once you register for the seminars or events we host. In summary, the host fee payment and the seminar fee payment covers all costs related to bringing the speaker(s) for the seminar(s) to Moscow…
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What payments do I make ?

To attend a seminar you need to make payments to the event organisers for the Host Fee, to THInK for the Seminar Fee, and then if required to the event organisers for the Translation Fee.

Our mandate according to Russian law

We run seminars and events in accordance to the laws of the Russian Federation. As we are not registered as a hotel or travel agency, we are unable to take payments from attendees to cover any accommodation or travel costs. If this is the first time you are attending a ThetaHealing Instructors seminar, then this…
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