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Group: 02 - Payment

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

2.02 – What is covered in the payments you make

The following are included / excluded in the payments that you will make for each specific payment :

2.01 – Payment overview

Payments for attending Instructors seminars are split into two (2) separate and independent parts. For each instructors seminar you register for, you will be required to pay a Host Fee (payable to the CEC for Russia) and a Seminar Fee (payable to THInK) Payments for attending Practitioner seminars are split into two (2) separate and…
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2.06 – Unauthorised promoters or ticket agents

Any ticket(s) bought from unauthorised agents or unauthorised promoters are not valid and admission will not be granted to the event(s) with any ticket(s) bought from unauthorised agents or promoters. Be careful when you are making payments that you are paying the correct person, who is authorised to make such sale to you.

2.05 – Cancellation

Where a cancelation of the event occurs part way through, you may only be entitled to a refund or part of the face value which you paid for, for the ticket(s) of the event. Any personal arrangements (including travel, subsistence and accommodation in relation to the event(s)), which have been arranged by you, are made…
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2.04 – Resale and Transfer prohibited

You may not re-sell or transfer any ticket for commercial gain. Any ticket(s) are also not able to be exchanged for another service, product or other item.

2.03 – Ticket purchase

All tickets are sold subject to these terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully prior to purchase, and raise any concerns with the promoter or event organiser prior to purchase. The purchase of any ticket constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions on your behalf, and also on behalf of any person…
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