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Why can’t I pay you as the hosts and then you pay THInK ?

Why can’t I pay you as the hosts and then you pay THInK ?

There are several reasons why we can not collect your payment and then pay that to THInK.

If you think about it logically :

  • If we take a payment from you then we pay tax on that payment
  • Then when we send the money to THInK, we will pay a service fee to the bank who will process that payment.
  • Lastly THInK will pay an additional tax on the money that we have paid to them.

As we don’t have a written contract with THInK to collect payments from you on their behalf, we are not authorised to do so. Besides this we would need to make sure that we have all the correct documentation in place to make sure we comply with Russian Federation rules and tax requirements.

To be practical, it would be risky with the current political and economic climate for us to take payments on behalf of THInK. So to make things simpler, to comply with all current contracts etc. – We are not able to collect payments for the THInK Seminar Fee on behalf of THInK.