St Petersburg, Russia
+7-921-977-0469 (WhatsApp Only)

When is the best time to contact us?

When is the best time to contact us?

The event team in Russia

We normally operate from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:00 Moscow time.

You can email us at any time, however please do not expect an answer during the weekend. We will do our best to answer all emails as soon as possible, even when we are travelling or in transit between two cities or countries.

You can send us messages through WhatsApp, Facebook or other forms of social media, however we do not rely on these platforms to provide you with quick responses. The official method should be via email.

Telephone calls are often misunderstood when there are important details to be discussed. So although it is possible to contact us we prefer you send an email so that we have a record of what was said, and so that you also have a clear record of what our responses are.

Team THInK in the USA

The team at THInK work from 09:00 to 18:00 Mountain Time (Big Fork – Montana – USA).

When you contact them remember to take into account any time zone differences, as they are 9 hours behind Moscow time.

If you send them an email on a Friday, take into consideration that if you are in Moscow, that it is likely they will not respond until sometime on Monday (during business hours in Montana) which means that they will only start working at 18:00 Moscow time (which is 09:00 Montana time).

If you wish to call them make sure to do so anytime after 18:00 Moscow Time on a Monday to a Friday as this is the most likely time that someone will be in the office to take your call. Remember that seminars are being run all over the world, and some days will be busier than others when THInK are busy with processing registrations from different seminar locations worldwide.