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3.11 – Respect

3.11 – Respect

We aim to promote an environment of safety and respect for everyone attending or associated with the event.

We ask that you remember to be respectful to everyone in what you say and what you do. Your actions and your words should be considerate towards others.

This includes the use of perfumes before, during or after the event, which could affect the ability for others to enjoy the event. (Not everyone has the same likes or dislikes with regards to smells.) We advise using very little or weak perfumes to avoid any conflicts with others.

We also ask that you consider your food choices, and that you do not bring

  • any hot liquids or food items
  • any smelly liquids or food items

into the event hall.

Remember that smells do have the ability to cause people to become ill, so we ask that you remember this and be considerate towards others.