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3.10 – Medical conditions

3.10 – Medical conditions

We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for you to enjoy the event(s). With this in mind, it is our priority to make available any assistance to medical professionals where required, should there be an emergency which affects your health.

To this aim, we ask that if you are prescribed any medicine by a medical professional (qualified doctor etc.) that you continue to take such medication unless specifically instructed to halt your treatment, either by the same medical professional, or on the advice of another suitably qualified medical practitioner.

Neither the event organisers, nor anyone else associated as part of the event team, will instruct you to stop any treatment that was prescribed by your medical professional.

We would also ask that you notify the event organisers in person, if at the start of the event, you are taking any prescription or non prescription medicines as advised by your medical professional. We ask this in case a situation arises where you are incapacitated due to a medical emergency, and we are required to assist first responders with any medical history that might be available about your condition.

Should you be pregnant, we require that you inform the event organisers, prior to attending the event. We know that stress can have an undesired effect on a pregnancy so we would like to hope that we can provide you any assistance to reduce any stresses that might be experienced during registration, or attendance of the event.