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3.02 – Right of entry

3.02 – Right of entry

The event organiser reserves the right to refuse you entry to, and or eject you from the event. In particular (but not without limitation to) you may be refused admission to, or removed from the event for any of the following reasons :

3.02.01 – for health and safety reasons

3.02.02 – if you behave in a manner which has already or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other persons at the event

3.02.03 – if you use threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms

3.02.04 – if in the event organiser’s reasonable opinion, you are acting under the influence or alcohol or drugs

3.02.05 – if you fail, when required, to produce proof of identity

3.02.06 – if you refuse to comply with the event organiser’s security searches, or any security policies which are deemed reasonable for the health and safety of any other person at the event.

3.02.07 – if you refuse to comply with any instructions or requests by the event organisers (or anyone who is part of the team for the event) with regards to the event location (hotel policies etc.), which are designed for health and safety reasons, and also to prevent public nuisance or disturbance to others in the event location

3.02.08 – if you breach these terms and conditions and/or

3.02.09 – if your ticket(s) is void / fake

The event organisers operate a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE towards :

  • swearing or the use vulgar words / phrases etc.
  • threatening or aggressive behaviour
  • any physical or violent conduct
  • intimidation in any form
  • discrimination based on gender, religion, sex, race, ethnicity, age or any other factor that could be used against anyone in a derogatory or discriminatory manner

The decision of the event organisers is final. Should you have any issue with their decision you are welcome to take it up in writing with Craig Koekemoer by email in Russian or in English.