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3.01 – Admittance to the event

3.01 – Admittance to the event

Only attendees holding a valid ticket or E-ticket will be admitted to the event.

An E-ticket is an electronic version of a paper ticket.

Admittance to Seminars (Instructors or Practitioners) :

Tickets are sold for Instructors and Practitioner seminars prior to the start of these seminars, and based on the capacity within the event location.

Do not expect to arrive on the day of registration, and make a payment at the registration desk, for any seminars run by the event organisers. There is a set procedure which includes :

  • Checking that you have the pre-requisite seminars completed and listed on your THInK profile
  • Ordering manuals in your preferred language so that you can use these manuals during any exercises which might take place in the seminar(s)
  • Processing your payment

In certain cases, we will not allow you entrance into the event until all the correct steps have been taken.

Admittance to Events (not including Instructors or Practitioner seminars) :

Tickets are sold for events prior to the start of these events, and based on the capacity within the event location. In certain cases we might accept or allow the purchasing of tickets to the event on the event day, where capacity will allow.

Please check the relevant details for the event which you wish to attend, as to whether or not we can make sales of tickets on the event day.

Pre-Purchasing ticket(s) to any seminar or event :

You can book or purchase a ticket / E-ticket in advance to avoid any stress or inconveniences of having to purchase it on the starting day of the event (where applicable). If your tickets are issued in electronic format (an E-ticket) then you will not be required to print it. If you are issued with an event attendee ID number, please make sure to have that handy when registering for the event with your ticket / E-ticket.

Venue Capacity rules and non-admittance to the event :

Each venue location will have a maximum capacity that we are legally allowed inside the room. The event organisers will never over-sell tickets to any event. For this reason, tickets purchased prior to the event registration day / start of the event will have priority over tickets wishing to be purchased on the day of the event.

Remember that there are specific capacity rules which we have to follow according to the Russian Federation health and safety laws that apply.

Should we reach the maximum capacity at any event, we will stop the sale of tickets (where allowed or applicable) and will not allow you entry unless you have a valid ticket that was purchased prior to the decision of the event organisers to stop selling tickets.