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2.02.04 – Attendance Fee payment inclusion

2.02.04 – Attendance Fee payment inclusion

The payment you make for the Attendance Fee (applicable to ThetaHealing Day or ThetaHealing Evening events or any events which are not ThetaHealing seminars) includes the following :

  • Rental costs for the event location
  • Administrative costs covering any additional staffing required for the event
  • Provision of security services to protect all participants, attendees, speaker(s), staff etc. and of course to ensure the overall enjoyment of the event
  • Provision of translation / interpretation services for Russian to English and also English to Russian
  • Provision of Audio Visual equipment, lighting, stage and any other equipment needed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for the event(s)
  • Any additional fees required to secure the attendance of the speaker(s) for the event(s)

Your payment that you make for the Attendance Fee DOES NOT INCLUDE :

  • Costs associated with your own travel to and from the event location
  • Costs associated with your subsistence (food etc.) before, during and after the event
  • Costs associated with your accommodation before, during and after the event
  • Additional translation / interpretation fees where the language you speak is not English or Russian

Where you do not speak English or Russian and you require additional translation / interpretation please contact the event organisers well in advance to discuss your options before you make a payment for the Attendance Fee.