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2.02.03 – Translation Fee payment inclusions

2.02.03 – Translation Fee payment inclusions

The payment you make for the Translation Fee (where applicable) includes the following :

  • Securing the provision of services of a translator / interpreter for the language you speak
  • Provision of adequate translation / interpretation devices that can be used by the translator / interpreter to speak to you over a closed circuit one way transmitting and receiving unit system (where the only person that can be heard on the system is the translator or interpreter that has been contracted to provide the service)
  • Provision (where required) of suitable sound proofing units that can be used in the seminar(s) room to avoid increasing the noise level within the seminar(s) room. Note that any additional noise will detract and reduce the enjoyment of other attendees if they were to hear too many voices (from a number of interpreters) at the same time as the voice of the speaker(s) over the public address system in the room
  • Provision (where required) of short and small document translation services which apply to any additional documentation that THInK requires to be submitted to you as an attendee of the seminar(s) in accordance with their guidelines

Your payment that you make for the Translation Fee (where applicable) DOES NOT INCLUDE :

  • Costs associated with you requiring the translator / interpreter to assist you
    • outside of the seminar(s) scheduled timings
    • or for anything that is not related to the content of the seminar(s)
    • or for anything that has not been expressly agreed between the CEC for Russia and the translator as something that is part of the translator / interpreters normal duty under the contract they have signed between the two parties

Please note that any expenses / costs incurred by you, in relation to :

  • Your requirement to use the services of the interpreter / translator for any meetings, discussions, sessions or other activities outside of the scope of the agreement between the CEC for Russia and the translator / interpreter

will be at your own risk and you agree to be liable for such expenses / costs. 

We would suggest that you make your arrangements in writing / email to prevent any misunderstanding that might arise, and that you endeavour to pre-pay the translator / interpreter for any services they have agreed to provide to you before they start with anything for or on your behalf.


By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that should you be issued with any translation equipment, that you will endeavour to:

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent damage to the equipment issued to you
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent theft or loss of the equipment issued to you