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06. ThetaHealing Evening

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

ThetaHealing Evening with Vianna Stibal
Russian Old New Years Eve
14 January 2020




We are celebrating the Old Russian New Year in Moscow.

If you are a ThetaHealer (either a Practitioner or Instructor) – this event is especially for you. With the Old Russian New Year celebrations on the 14th of January we decided to host this event to enable you to get a chance to celebrate it with Vianna Stibal in Moscow.


17:00 – 18:00 : Ticket Registrations
18:00 – 21:00 : Celebrate with Vianna
21:00 – 22:00 : Event will finish 


We have two options for you :

– seating in the front of the venue
– book signing & photograph

STANDARD: – seating in the non-allocated section of the room


A special program has been created by Vianna to celebrate the Russian Old New Year with you. This includes some news from Montana about ThetaHealing, answering some specific questions about the ThetaHealing technique, and a special excercise to conincide with the Old Russian New Year. Don’t miss this chance to manifest a super start to 2020 with Vianna.


If you have completed at least one ThetaHealing seminar (practitioners) then we welcome you to join us.
Friends and Family are more than welcome to come to the ThetaHealing Day event which is open to everyone.

I want to go to the ThetaHealing Day …

If you wish to book tickets for the ThetaHealing Day event instead, then please follow the link below :

TICKETS for the THETAHEALING DAY event 19 January 2020

How to purchase your ticket for
our ThetaHealing Evening

We have partnered up with a special service provider for this event. Have a look at the information below and follow the instructions to purchase your ticket.


Choose your ticket option

Have a look at the information below, and then click on the button for the ticket option you wish to purchase.
** NOTE ** Tickets for this event are non-refundable and only available for ThetaHealers


Insert your details

Insert your contact details :
Surname, Name, Email Address and Telephone Number.

and then proceed to use the green button to CHECKOUT. 


Insert your Payment details

Using the RoboKassa system, which is available in English – please insert your payment details. You will then be able to pay using a credit / debit card or another option listed on the site.

Before you pay …

This event is specifically for ThetaHealers (Practitioners or Instructors). If you have not completed a ThetaHealing seminar, please feel free to join Vianna on the 19th of January at the ThetaHealing Day event. If you are a ThetaHealer please note the following :


No Refunds

Once you have made a payment there will be no refunds (for example if you can not make the event on the 14th of January 2020).


Only for ThetaHealers

We will send you an email after you have made your payment. Expect this email anytime up to about 1 week before the event. If your email address is not listed on the ThetaHealing database we will ask you to provide proof that you are a ThetaHealer.


You can transfer the ticket

We know sometimes your plans change. So we will allow you to transfer the ticket to a ThetaHealing friend, as long as :
1. You notify us of this change before the 9th of January 2020
2. You send us the other persons details including their THInK profile email address
3. They must be a ThetaHealer

** ENTRY RESERVED – based on a valid ticket purchase, and providing your official ID to complete registration.

Get your ticket now :

To make sure that this event is attended by ThetaHealers only, we will require proof that you are a ThetaHealer (current certificate, ThetaHealing profile email etc.)

There are 5 GOLD tables which will be at the front of the room closest to the stage, where Vianna will sit.
All STANDARD ticket holders will be able to chose which table they wish to sit at
(excluding the GOLD tables)
in any location in the room as it will be free seating.
** We will make sure you can see Vianna no matter where you are positioned in the room.

** The diagram above is a rough representation of the room and not necessarily to scale.

EARLY BIRD offer for the STANDARD ticket at 1’700 Rubles per ticket
is still valid for another :

-511Days -16Hours -54Minutes -33Seconds

GOLD ticket



  • Seating at one of the 5 front
  • Book signing (one book) by Vianna
  • Personal message will be written in your book by Vianna
  • Personal photo with Vianna

limited to 40 tickets ONLY





  • Seating at any table (excluding the “Gold” tables)
  • Price before 07 September 2019 – 2’700 Rubles
  • Price after 07 September 2019 – 3’500 Rubles

limited ticket availability
(based on the room size)

Prices for this event will change after 23:59 Moscow time on the 7th of September 2019. Please make sure to make your purchase before then to make use of the Early Bird offer above, thank you.

I want to go to the ThetaHealing Day …

If you wish to book tickets for the ThetaHealing Day event instead, then please follow the link below :

TICKETS for the THETAHEALING DAY event 19 January 2020