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You need a profile on

Your profile on / is different and not linked to

If you do not have a profile on then you will be given the chance to create this after selecting the seminars you wish to attend.

To create your profile you need to select the “Shopping Basket” icon at the top right corner of the screen on and then proceed to registration. Remember to select the seminars first to add them to the shopping basket.

To create your profile you will be asked for specific details which you need to complete and submit. Remember your password you create!



ONLY AFTER your profile has been created will you be able to complete registration on

The details you have inserted and submitted for your profile will be used for the seminars that you wish to register for.

If you have just created a NEW PROFILE on – then after creation it will show you informtion (including your orders etc.). Now simply click on the shopping cart option on the top right hand side of the page to start the registration process.

Registration is required so that THInK can see the progress of your payments, update any information about your seminar registration, and then send out electronic contracts to you before the start of the seminars.



The concept of a shopping basket implies that you are going to be able to make a payment.

In this instance, there is no ability to make direct payments for the Host Fee or the THInK Seminar Fee.

We process your registration and send you payment details, based on the information you submit on

For example : if you are from Russia, we send you payment details that will help you make the payment from within the borders of the Russian Federation with the least amount of hassles or problems. And likewise, if you are from outside of Russia we send you payment detais that will help you make the payment from oustide of the borders of the Rusain Federation.

This is all to do with Tax and Banking laws that apply in the Russian Federation.


There are 2 different systems used by THInK.
The first is (
The second is

Your profile on both of these systems IS NOT LINKED.
This means you need a seperate profile on each system, with seperate login and password details.
You can use the same details, but changes on one profile will not be automatically updated to the other profile on the other website and you will have to do the changes on the other profile manually.

If you attempt to LOGIN to with the same profile username and password as the one you use on / ThetaHealingRussia.comthis will not work – unless you create the same profile on

Here is how you can pay THInK

We know that it can sometimes be confusing
as a new person joining the ThetaHealing Instructors community…
so we have created this video to help you
when deciding how you will pay the THInK Seminar Fee

THInK Payment Options

Please – Do not make your payment before you receive your seminar ID number