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Scholarships for the Host Fee

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

One of the ways to give back

A THInK scholarship, or a scholarship from the event co-ordinator can be of tremendous help. But do remember, a scholarship is NOT a DISCOUNT. The word DISCOUNT means that you get to pay less for an item, and preys on beliefs around scarcity, value, and the concept of money.

Before you apply for a scholarship you need to consider why it is that you want a scholarship. Just wanting to pay less for something is not a good enough reason. And no matter what reason you have, in many cases if you are going to become an Instructor, or if you are expanding your seminars that you can teach as an Instructor, what message does it send out if you can not afford the full price?

We know the difficulties experienced by many, in terms of generating the funds to be able to attend training and seminars. You have to pay for flights (or transport), accomodation, meals and other things during your stay. Not to mention the cost of the seminar or training that you are attending.

Requesting a FULL SCHOLARSHIP sends a clear signal that you have issues with money. Money should be seen as an energy exchange. You have something that someone wants, they pay you, and you give them what they want. An exchange of goods, an exchange of energy.

How will you be able to teach others about abundance if you send a message out to the universe that you lack abundance? Does that mean we will not issue any scholarships? No!

We believe in giving back to the community by way of scholarships. And in return we do expect a little bit of help before, during or after the seminars.


Scholarships for the THInK Fee are decided by the board of directors for THInK.

Typically a THInK scholarship will be between $100 to $300 US Dollars. A full scholarship is extremely rare to be awarded.


The hosting team (Country Event Co-Ordinators decide on the Host Fee scholarships.

Typically a Host scholarship will be between 2’000 to 8’000 Rubles depending on the seminar.


If you are awarded a scholarship, you will possibly be asked to help out before, during or after the event with some tasks in cleaning the room, changing the layout or something else. Ready to help?


Sending an email, posting a comment on Facebook, or dropping a message by WhatsApp or social media is great for a qucik response. But that means all the information is all over the place.
The more methods of communication, the easier it is to get that message lost in the system.

So this form was created to help you, and to help us manage the process in a fair, and more manageable way.


We will carefully consider each application on merit. The decisions will be based on what information you provide and how honest you are with us.

There is no shame in applying, and we will not share your information you supply to us with anyone else.

But just applying for the sake of applying is not within the ethos of what a scholarship is.


As soon as you submit the information we will receive an email with the contents of the form.

View the information below to find out when you should know about the decisions for both the Host Fee or the THInK Fee scholarships that have been awarded.

Please do not expect immediate decisions.

By when should you apply for the Host Fee Scholarship ?

Because there is so much to do, and with a large number of people who will attend, we need to finalise certain things in advance. The dates below give you an indication of when you need to submit your application for a Host Fee scholarship, and also by when we will make a decision. Timings for the applications for THInK Fee scholarships are different as THInK needs to refer scholarship applications to the board of directors for THInK.

Deadlines for Host Fee Scholarship Applications 2021

Instructor Seminar
And dates
Applications Close Decisions made by
Basic DNA Instructors
23 – 26 August
Wed 21 July Mon 26 July
Advanced DNA Instructors
28 – 30 August
Wed 21 July Mon 26 July
Dig Deeper Instructors
01 – 02 September
Wed 21 July Mon 26 July
GYR – You & Creator Instructors
04 – 05 September
Wed 04 August Mon 09 August
GYR – You & Your Significant Other Instructors
06 – 07 September
Wed 04 August Mon 09 August
GYR – You & Your Inner Circle Instructors
10 – 11 September
Wed 11 August Mon 16 August
GYR – You & The Earth Instructors
12 – 13 September
Wed 11 August Mon 16 August


You might think that you deserve a scholarship, and in most cases you might be ready to receive that gift, but are you really ready for it ? Getting a scholarship for any seminar is a unique gift, but be ready as it might create opportunities in your life to dig on some beliefs, or to work through some issues that you have not yet resolved!!


Sometimes there is someone who really needs that scholarship. And the worst thing to do is to put pressure on them if they get the scholarship and you dont get the same. Be happy for those who have been given the gift, and appreciate that you have all been considered fairly by the information you supplied. And likewise, if you are gifted a scholarship – don’t use the scholarship as a bragging right, or tell someone they were unlucky. Be humble with the decisions that are made.

    Please read this form carefully and provide us with truthful and honest information.
    You can complete this form in English or in Russian.

    We have been doing this work for a number of years now.
    That gives us a good understanding of why people apply for scholarships.
    If you have already trained as a ThetaHealer, then providing sessions to others is a good way of generating the funds that you might need to train as an Instructor.
    If you are unable to generate any funds at all, it would be a good idea to do some ThetaHealing session work with your Instructor or someone else, to find out what is blocking you from making some money!

    Please provide us with the following information
    (in Russian or in English) :

    Personal Info
    Your first name :
    Your surname (last name):
    Contact Info
    Your email address :
    Your mobile phone number (for WhatsApp) :
    THInK Profile Info
    If you have a profile on please insert the URL link here :
    What email address do you use for your THInK profile :
    If you have a different email that you use for daily contact - then insert that here:
    PLEASE NOTE : All seminars indicated below on this form, preceding with (GYR) are part of the 'Growing Your Relationships' group of seminars. These include :
    You & Creator
    You & Your Inner Circle
    You & Your Significant Other
    You & the Earth
    ThetaHealing Level and Journey
    As of today's date, what level of your ThetaHealing journey are you on ?I have not completed any ThetaHealing seminars yetI have only completed one or more ThetaHealing Practitioners seminarsI have certified as a ThetaHealing InstructorI have completed my ThetaHealing MastersI have completed my ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
    If you are a ThetaHealing Instructor - how many seminars have you taught?
    None1-56-2021 to 5051-100More than 100
    Practitioners Seminars already completed
    Which ThetaHealing PRACTITIONER seminars have you already completed and are listed on your THInK profile?
    (Not the seminars that you want to finish at some stage in the future) :
    Basic DNA PractitionersAdvanced DNA PractitionersDig Deeper PractitionersManifesting & Abundance PractitionersIntuitive Anatomy PractitionersWorld Relations PractitionersDisease & Disorder PractitionersGYR - You & Creator PractitionersGYR - You & Your Inner Circle PractitionersGYR - You & Your Significant Other PractitionersGYR - You & the Earth Practitioners
    Instructors Seminars
    Which ThetaHealing INSTRUCTOR seminars have you already completed and are listed on your THInK profile?
    (Not the seminars that you want to finish at some stage in the future) :
    Basic DNA InstructorsAdvanced DNA InstructorsDig Deeper InstructorsManifesting & Abundance InstructorsIntuitive Anatomy InstructorsWorld Relations InstructorsDisease & Disorder InstructorsRainbow Children InstructorsGYR - You & Creator InstructorsGYR - You & Your Inner Circle InstructorsGYR - You & Your Significant Other InstructorsGYR - You & the Earth Instructors
    Which languages do you speak ?


    If you speak another language, which language :

    Please provide us with your motivation or reason as to why you are applying for a scholarship. The more honest you are with us the easier it will be to justify providing a scholarship. Make sure that it is more than 100 words please.

    Host Fee Scholarship
    Please select the seminars that you wish to apply for :
    Basic DNA Instructors Host Fee
    Advanced DNA Instructors Host Fee
    Dig Deeper Instructors Host Fee
    GYR - You & Creator Instructors Host Fee
    GYR - You & Your Significant Other Instructors Host Fee
    GYR - You & Your Inner Circle Instructors Host Fee
    GYR - You & The Earth Instructors Host Fee
    THInK Seminar Fee Scholarship
    Please select the seminars that you wish to apply for :
    Basic DNA Instructors THInK Fee
    Advanced DNA Instructors THInK Fee
    Dig Deeper Instructors THInK Fee
    GYR - You & Creator Instructors THInK Fee
    GYR - You & Your Significant Other Instructors THInK Fee
    GYR - You & Your Inner Circle Instructors THInK Fee
    GYR - You & The Earth Instructors THInK Fee
    Normally all applications for the THInK Fee for scholarships for Russia need to be submitted at least 3 months before the seminars start. Because of the volume of applications, THInK has some recommendations for you.
    Register & pay in advance
    You should register for the seminars and not wait for the scholarship decision from THInK.
    You should also pay in advance of the start of the seminars.
    Please do not wait until the final payment deadline before paying your THInK Fee.
    If a THInK Fee scholarship is awarded to you :
    If you have already made the payment, and THInK provide you with a scholarship, then they will refund that scholarship amount to you (not in cash - but by the method that you used to pay).
    NoteIn most cases, the final decisions by THInK will be applied up to 48 hours before the start of the specific seminar. Where possible THInK will notify you of any scholarships they award to you by email, in advance of the start of any seminar.
    Scholarship conditions :
    Awarded to one person, applies to a specific seminar(s), issued for a specific location, and applies to a specific date…

    • Scholarships are awarded and ONLY apply to Instructor seminars in Moscow in August or September of 2021.
    • Scholarships can not be used for any other seminars.
    • Scholarships can not be transferred to any other person.
    • Scholarships can not be exchanged for cash.
    • If you decide not to attend the seminar(s) in Moscow, please let us know so that we can provide that scholarship to someone else, who will be selected by our team.
    • In the event that you do not comply with any of the Terms & Conditions that apply to the events in Moscow, the Country Event Co-Ordinators and THInK reserve the right to cancel any other scholarships that might have been awarded to you.
    Are you willing to agree to :
    Willing to help in return, if awarded a scholarship
    Payment of the Fee's
    If you are awarded a Scholarship, then you will need to make sure that full payment of the Host Fee, or the THInK Seminar Fee, will be made at least 24 hours before the start of the seminar. If you do not make the balance payment before that time, then you could be refused entry to the seminar.
    Do you accept this condition ?
    Terms & Conditions
    By submitting your information above, you are also accepting the terms and conditions that are applied to anyone attending any seminars or events.
    If you wish to view these terms and conditions before you accept, then please view them here :
    'Terms & Conditions in ENGLISH - click here’.
    'Terms & Conditions in RUSSIAN - click here’
    Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
    Final Notes
    Please note - submitting your information does not confirm that you have been approved for a scholarship, and it also does not mean that you will be asked to be part of the team. We need to review your information and we will contact you after submission to provide you with further information as outlined in the dates and information above.
    Thank you for your time, we will be in touch soon.

    Submit your information