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08. Volunteers

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

So you think you want to Volunteer right?

We have created a list of information that is essential for you to know before you apply and are accepted to be part of the team. It is important for us that you know what is expected of you, so that you understand exactly how you fit into the bigger picture.


We need volunteers to help out with the ThetaHealing Evening (14 Jan) and the ThetaHealing Day (19 Jan) events. This means you will not be a teaching assistant during the seminars. We already have a team in place for the seminars, and you might get asked to help during the seminars if you are planning to attend and get a specific ThetaHealing Instructors certification.


14 January 2020   17:00-22:00
ThetaHealing Evening for ThetaHealers
19 January 2020   13:00-19:00
ThetaHealing Day for everyone to join


Volunteering means you have a desire to help. If you are volunteering to get access to Vianna, or special status then maybe volunteering is not for you. Volunteering is about helping others, not getting personal gain or advantage.


You should have a strong ability to be on time. If you are late then you let the rest of the team down who might rely on your help to get something done. Being late is not good, so if you are always late, are you sure?


Part of being a volunteer means you do your best to smile and be friendly all the time. No matter how rude someone might be, you need to keep calm and smile. Not everyone has the same day as you so some could be in a really tough position in life!


This is the first time Vianna is visiting Moscow, so we want to make sure the opportunities are given to Muscovites. If someone needs to get somewhere or ask directions, then if you are from Moscow you will know where to go and how to get around. Finding a new place should be easy, hassle free and without complications.


Being a volunteer also means that you have a desire to teach. You wont be teaching during the events, but you will be setting an example to others, especially those who are not ThetaHealers yet. If you are a certified Instructor or you will be completing your Instructors certification in Janaury then volunteering gives you another chance to learn about other soft skills you will need as an Instructor.


The hardest challenge is being able to communicate effectively. So being able to be strong and assertive without being rude or obnoxious is a definite skill you need. Softer skills include being able to persuade someone to change their point of view without them losing what they want. And of course, multi-language skills definitely is a plus!

How do we recruit volunteers

We don’t live in Moscow but we do travel to Moscow for business very often. Here is how we decide on who to bring into the team :


In person meeting

The first step is for us to meet in person, so that we get a feel for each other. You need to know who we are and how we operate, and we need to assess you as a person.


Completion of a simple form

We will send you a link to a form that we would like you to complete. As a volunteer there are specific things that you will be asked to read and accept (confidentiality agreement, event terms and conditions agreement etc.)


We decide based on merit and the skills you have

Once we have the completed form, we assess the information you have provided to us. Based on what you tell us, and how the in person meeting went, we make our decision.

When you are accepted what is next

Remember you are part of a team, so planning is essential to make sure that we use your skills in the right areas.


Volunteering is unpaid work.
We will however waive (not charge you) for entrance to the event you help at. This means you also get to take part and listen, and share, unless you are needed to help somewhere duing the event.


Once accepted we will let you know, and send you more information via email etc. We will let you know addresses, times, and anything else you need to know.

There will be a meeting at some stage before each event (normally a day or two before) which we hope to do online.


We would love to have your friends and family join us, however we need to honour those who have paid for their tickets, and also the instructions from THInK. If you want to invite someone to come as your guest, they will still be required to pay. Remember that space is limited at all the ThetaHealing Day and ThetaHealing Evening events.


Once we send you a confirmation you can set your calendar for the date we agreed with you. Remember you are part of a team, so if you can not make it, the least you can do is let us know in advance. What will your friends and colleagues think if you drop everyone at the last minute?


Those who have paid for the GOLD tickets will be given the opportunity to meet with Vianna for the book signing and personal photo. We have to give them preference. Anyone else will have to wait for that to finish, and there are no promises that Vianna will be able to sign more books or have more photos taken with people.

Your information :

By now we have either

  • met in person
  • or spoken via Facebook, Whatsapp or email.

This form has been created to get important information about you. Ultimately it will provide us the extra information we need to make the decision to approve or not-approve you to be part of the volunteer team.

We have been doing this work for many years, so we have a very good understanding of the skills, personalities and abilities that are needed for specific roles. Remember that not everyone is suited to be a volunteer at every event.

If we do not accept you in the team then :

  • it is highly likely that we have more people who are better suited to the specific roles and needs that we have for the team
  • it is also no indication that you are not capable to be a volunteer
  • it might mean that we have to carefully consider the balance between having someone with experience, and providing an opportunity to grow someone else

Please provide us with the following information (in Russian or in English) :

Personal Info

Your surname :

Your name :

Contact Info

Your email address :

Your mobile phone number (for WhatsApp) :

Practitioners Seminars

Which PRACTITIONER seminars have you completed as of today (not which are you intending to complete before January 2020) :

Basic DNA PractitionersAdvanced DNA PractitionersDig Deeper PractitionersManifesting & Abundance PractitionersIntuitive Anatomy PractitionersWorld Relations PractitionersDisease & Disorder PractitionersGrowing Your Relationships 2 - You & Creator Practitioners

Instructors Seminars

Which INSTRUCTORS seminars have you completed as of today (not which are you intending to complete before January 2020) :

Basic DNA InstructorsAdvanced DNA InstructorsDig Deeper InstructorsManifesting & Abundance InstructorsIntuitive Anatomy InstructorsRainbow Children InstructorsGrowing Your Relationships 2 - You & Creator Instructors

ThetaHealing Level

As of today's date, what level of your ThetaHealing journey are you on ?

I have not completed any ThetaHealing seminars yetI have only completed one or more ThetaHealing Practitioners seminarsI have certified as a ThetaHealing InstructorI have completed my ThetaHealing MastersI have completed my ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

If you are a ThetaHealing Instructor - how many seminars have you taught?

None1-56-20More than 20


Which languages do you speak ?


If you speak another language, which language :

Other Info

Which city do you live in

Do you have a car
YesNoI don't drive

Skills / Characteristics

What are your 5 best skills you have ?

What are your 5 best characteristics you have ?

What are the 5 skills you wish you had ?

What are your 5 worst characteristics ?

Seminars you want to attend

You might be asked to assist during the ThetaHealing Instructors seminars as a volunteer. To be able to do this you will need to be planning to take one of the 4 seminars that are being hosted in Moscow. We can not ask you to Volunteer if you are not planning to take a specific seminar with Vianna. In return for volunteering at a seminar, we will consider a partial scholarship of your Host Fee, and you will be required to pay the full payment for the THInK Seminar Fee.

Which seminars are you planning to take in January with Vianna in Moscow ?

Basic DNA InstructorsAdvanced DNA InstructorsDig Deeper InstructorsGrowing Your Relationships 2 - You & Creator InstructorsNone

We might give you an opportunity to also help at one of the support seminars in Moscow. In return we would also offer a partial scholarship for the Host Fee, but you will be asked to pay the full seminar fee towards the teacher of the seminar.

Which seminars would you be interested in attending ?

Wealth Consciousness PractitionersGrowing Your Relationships 2 - You & Creator PractitionersNone

Approval and Acceptance

Are you happy to work as part of a team ?

Being on time is super important. Are you willing if approved as part of the team, to always be 10 minutes early ?

What is it that you want to gain or how do you wish to personally benefit from being part of the team ?

You will be asked to volunteer without payment - if approved do you accept ?

Final Notes

By submitting your information above, you also accept the terms and conditions as applied to anyone attending any seminars or events in Moscow in January 2020.
If you wish to view these terms and conditions before you accept, then please view them here :
'Terms & Conditions in RUSSIAN' - or - 'Terms & Conditions in ENGLISH'.

Please note - submitting your information does not confirm your acceptance into the team. We need to review your information and will contact you shortly after submission to provide you with an answer. Please allow 2 working days for us to get back to you.

In the spirit of the events we are hosting, we are looking to build a starting point for people to network and create friendships, and this could be your opportunity to do so.
Ethics, honesty and humility is very important to us!

Thank you for your time, we will be in touch soon.

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