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08. Team Application

Vianna's RETURN to Moscow

So you want to join the team! Excellent!

We have created a list of information that is essential for you to know before you apply and are accepted to be part of the team. It is important for us that you know what is expected of you, so that you understand exactly how you fit into the bigger picture.


We need volunteers who will help out with various smaller tasks around the ThetaHealing Day event and also during the Instructors seminars and the support seminars. This means as a volunteer you will not be assigned to take care of a group of people, and you will not be assigned as a teaching assistant during the seminars.


As a teaching assistant you will not be teaching others, but you will be responsible for making sure that the students in your group are ok. If they have some basic questions you will answer them, and you will help make sure that everyone participates and is helped into pairs or groups during exercises etc.


ThetaHealing Day event – 21st of August
Any support seminars
Any Instructor seminars you wish to attend for certification


Basic DNA Instructors – 23 to 26 August
Advanced DNA Instructors – 28 to 30 August
Dig Deeper Instructors – 1 to 2 September 
You & Creator Instructors – 4 to 5 September
You & Your Significant Other Instructors – 6 to 7 September
You & Your Inner Circle Instructors – 10 to 11 September
You & the Earth Instructors – 12 to 13 September


Being part of the team, means you have a desire to help. If you are hoping to get access to Vianna, or special status then maybe being on the team is not for you. Being part of the team is about helping others, not getting personal gain or advantage.


You should have a strong drive to be on time. If you are late then you let the rest of the team down who might rely on your help to get something done. Being late is not good, so if you are always late, are you sure you want to be part of the team?


Part of being a frontline helper means you do your best to smile and be friendly all the time. No matter how rude someone might be, you need to keep calm and smile. Not everyone has the same day as you, and some could be in a really tough position in their life!


We want to make sure the opportunities for Volunteers are given to Muscovites. If someone needs to get somewhere or ask directions, then if you are from Moscow you will know where to go and how to get around. Finding a new place should be easy, hassle free and without complications. Teaching Assistants can be from anywhere!


You won’t be teaching during the events, but you will be setting an example to others, especially to those who are not ThetaHealer’s yet. If you are a certified Instructor or you will be completing your Instructors certification in 2021 then being part of the team gives you another chance to learn about other soft skills you will need as an Instructor.


The hardest challenge is being able to communicate effectively. So being able to be strong and assertive without being rude or obnoxious is a definite skill you need. Softer skills include being able to persuade someone to change their point of view without them losing what they want. And of course, multi-language skills definitely is a plus!

How do we recruit team members

We don’t live in Moscow, but we do make several trips each year to Moscow for business.
Here is how we will decide for 2021, on who to bring into the team :


Complete the form

The first step is for you to complete the form below. We need as much information as possible from you.
This will help us to decide who we will interview for the next step of the recruitment process.
Remember to be honest and provide us with what you feel is right about you, not what you think we want to hear.


Online interview

Once we have been through your application details, we will contact you and let you know if we will invite you for an online interview.
This allows us to make sure that we have all of the answers that we have questions about.
Then, we make a decision based on merit.
Volunteers are exclusively decided by our team.
Teaching Assistants are submitted to THInK for approval.


Online training and assessment

We will complete the 3rd step online, where we provide you with some additional training.
Then we will make a final assessment about your skills, about your intentions, and about you as a person.
We have limited spaced available and not everyone is invited to be part of the team.

When you are accepted what is next

Remember you are part of a team, so planning is essential to make sure that we use your skills in the right areas.


Volunteering is unpaid work. In many events volunteers are required to pay to be part of the team. We approach this in a different way.
If you are selected for the ThetaHealing Day, then we will consider a partial scholarship for that event.
If you are selected to help for an Instructors seminar, then we will consider a partial scholarship for the host fee only. The fee you pay to THInK will still be paid in full.
If you help out at a support event we will consider a partial scholarship for the host fee and also the instructors fee.


As a Teaching Assistant the agreement with THInK is that you still have to pay the Host Fee portion of the seminars you attend.
We can apply to THInK for a partial or full scholarship for the THInK fee for the events you attend, but not everyone is successful in obtaining a full scholarship from THInK.


Once accepted we will let you know, and send you more information via email etc. We will let you know addresses, times, and anything else you need to know.
There will be a meeting at some stage before each event (normally a day or two before) which we hope to do online / in person. Your attendance to that meeting is mandatory.


We would love to have your friends and family join us, however we need to honour those who have paid for their tickets, and we also need to follow the instructions from THInK.
If you want to invite someone to come as your guest, they will still be required to pay. Remember that space is limited at the ThetaHealing Day and also at the seminars.


Once we send you a confirmation you can set your calendar for the dates we agreed with you. Remember you are part of a team, so if you can not make it, the least you can do (which I would expect of you) is let us know in advance.
What will your friends and colleagues think if you drop everyone at the last minute?


If you have any questions about anything then we will do our best to help you. Remember we are part of a long-standing team that has been working on events for a number of years now, so sometimes we do forget to tell new people in the team all the things that are required.
Don’t be shy – ask questions to make sure you know!!

Your information :

    Thank you.

    Please read this form carefully and provide me with truthful and honest information.
    You can complete this form in English or in Russian.

    By now you and I have either :

    • met in person
    • or spoken via Facebook, Whatsapp or email.

    Why this form ?
    Vianna has always told us that we need to find out more about the people who will be on the team with us. This means that I would like to know :

    1. What is your motivation behind applying to be part of the team / Why do you want to be on the team?
    2. Who are you, not just a name, but who are you?
    3. What training, skills or experience do you have?

    How will we assess the information you submit?
    We need to carefully consider each application on its merits.

    • For Volunteers : - THInK allows us a great deal of autonomy with this decision.
    • For Teaching Assistants : - THInK requires us to justify each nomination we put forward to them.
    • For our Support Team : - Those who are approved are justified based purely on professionalism, previous experience and their ability to be part of our team.
    • When will I find out if I am successful?
      We will assess each application, and where we need to, we will discuss any options with THInK.
      The first round of decisions will be made by the beginning of February 2021.
      The second round of decisions will be made between May and June 2021.
      Teaching Assistants will be notified at least 2 months in advance to the event, and we will do our best to make that even earlier where possible.

      If you are selected :
      Then we will give you additional online training that you will be required to attend.
      You might also be asked to attend a second round of selection / training.

      Please note
      We have been doing this work for a number of years now.
      That gives us a good understanding of why people apply to the team.
      It also allows us to select those people who

      • will be willing to be part of the team
      • can follow instructions from us
      • will fit into the team structure

      We don't need leaders for the team, we need action takers and team members.
      We don’t need conflict in the team, we need people willing to work with others without conflict.
      (Sometimes ego, power, status and position creates an underlying conflict, which is not necessary for this event…)

    Please provide us with the following information
    (in Russian or in English) :

    Personal Info
    Your first name :
    Your surname (last name):
    Contact Info
    Your email address :
    Your mobile phone number (for WhatsApp) :
    THInK Profile Info

    If you have a profile on please insert the URL link here :

    What email address do you use for your THInK profile :
    If you have a different email that you use for daily contact - then insert that here:
    Social Media Info
    What is your Instagram link :

    What is your Facebook link :
    What is your Twitter link :

    Any additional social media link ? :

    PLEASE NOTE : All seminars indicated below on this form, preceding with ** are part of the 'Growing Your Relationships' group of seminars. These include
    You & Creator
    You & Your Inner Circle
    You & Your Significant Other
    You & the Earth

    Practitioners Seminars already completed

    Which ThetaHealing PRACTITIONER seminars
    have you already completed
    and are listed on your THInK profile
    (Not the seminars that you want to finish
    at some stage in the future)

    Basic DNA PractitionersAdvanced DNA PractitionersDig Deeper PractitionersManifesting & Abundance PractitionersIntuitive Anatomy PractitionersWorld Relations PractitionersDisease & Disorder Practitioners**You & Creator Practitioners**You & Your Inner Circle Practitioners**You & Your Significant Other Practitioners**You & the Earth Practitioners

    Instructors Seminars

    Which ThetaHealing INSTRUCTOR seminars
    have you already completed
    and are listed on your THInK profile
    (Not the seminars that you want to finish
    at some stage in the future)

    Basic DNA InstructorsAdvanced DNA InstructorsDig Deeper InstructorsManifesting & Abundance InstructorsIntuitive Anatomy InstructorsWorld Relations InstructorsDisease & Disorder InstructorsRainbow Children Instructors**You & Creator Instructors**You & Your Inner Circle Instructors**You & Your Significant Other Instructors**You & the Earth Instructors

    ThetaHealing Level

    As of today's date, what level of your ThetaHealing journey are you on ?

    I have not completed any ThetaHealing seminars yetI have only completed one or more ThetaHealing Practitioners seminarsI have certified as a ThetaHealing InstructorI have completed my ThetaHealing MastersI have completed my ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

    If you are a ThetaHealing Instructor - how many seminars have you taught?

    None1-56-2021 to 5051-100More than 100

    Which languages do you speak ?


    If you speak another language, which language :

    Other Info
    Which city do you live in
    Do you have a car
    I don't driveYesNo
    Skills / Characteristics

    What are your 5 best skills you have ?

    What are your 5 best characteristics you have ?

    What are the 5 skills you wish you had ?

    What are your 5 worst characteristics ?

    Please select all of the options that apply as to why you want to be part of the team ?
    I want to help ViannaI want to help my students (who will be attending)I want to become a better instructorCreator has told me that I need to be part of the teamI want to find more students for other courses I runI want to share my knowledge with othersI want the opportunity to get to know Vianna betterI want to be closer to Vianna and GuyI want to promote myselfI want to help othersI am a good team playerI have skills you can useI would like a healing from Vianna

    In nothing less than 100 words, please tell us more about why you want to be part of the team, and what you aim to achieve by helping out?

    Which role are you applying for ?
    Any roleVolunteerTeaching AssistantSupport team
    Seminars you plan to re-certify / attend
    Which of the following instructor seminars do you need to re-certify for ?

    Basic DNA InstructorsAdvanced DNA InstructorsDig Deeper Instructors**You & Creator Instructors**You & Your Inner Circle Instructors**You & Your Significant Other Instructors**You & the Earth Instructors

    Which seminars are you planning to take in August 2021 with Vianna, in Moscow ?

    Basic DNA InstructorsAdvanced DNA InstructorsDig Deeper Instructors**You & Creator Instructors**You & Your Inner Circle Instructors**You & Your Significant Other Instructors**You & the Earth InstructorsNone

    Support Seminars

    We might give you an opportunity to also help at one of the support seminars in Moscow.
    In return we would also offer a partial scholarship for the Host Fee, but you will be asked to pay the full seminar fee towards the teacher of the seminar.

    Which support seminars would you be interested in attending ?

    Wealth Consciousness PractitionersDig Deeper Practitioners**You & Creator Practitioners**You & Your Inner Circle Practitioners**You & Your Significant Other Practitioners**You & the Earth PractitionersNone

    Use of the ThetaHealing name / trademark :
    Being part of the team means that you understand the legal rules that apply to the trademark and copyright laws that apply to the word 'ThetaHealing', 'ThetaHealer' etc. and anything that is registered to THInK.

    Written permission?
    Do you currently have written permission from THInK to use the 'ThetaHealing' term in any of your social media profile names, your website domain names, your company name, or any other business capacity ?

    Use of trademark?
    Do you use any of the following words :
    - ThetaHealing, ThetaHealer, TetaHealing, TetaHealer
    or any other word that have been trademarked by THInK,
    in any of your social media profile names, or website domain names, business / company names ?

    Approval and Acceptance

    Are you happy to work as part of a team ?

    Being on time is super important. Are you willing if approved as part of the team, to always be 10 minutes early ?

    What is it that you want to gain or how do you wish to personally benefit from being part of the team ?

    Please indicate your acceptance to the following :

    Volunteer without payment

    If you applied and are approved as a Volunteer, you will be asked to volunteer without payment (you will not be paid) - if approved do you accept ?

    Payment of Host Fee

    If you applied as a Volunteer or as a Teaching Assistant, you will be required to pay the Host Fee to confirm your position on the team (which is the guidance we have from THInK that we need to apply to every member of our team) - do you accept this condition ?

    Terms & Conditions

    By submitting your information above, you are also accepting the terms and conditions that are applied to anyone attending any seminars or events.
    If you wish to view these terms and conditions before you accept, then please view them here :


    'Terms & Conditions in ENGLISH - click here’.


    'Terms & Conditions in RUSSIAN - click here’

    Final Notes

    *** Please note *** - submitting your information does not confirm that you have been accepted as part of the team. We need to review your information and we will contact you after submission to provide you with further information.

    In the spirit of the events we are hosting, we are looking to build a starting point for people to network and create friendships, and this could be your opportunity to do so.
    Ethics, honesty and humility is very important to us!

    Thank you for your time, we will be in touch soon.

    Submit your information